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Corral Paddock Set With Energiser

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equus bullet Paddock set with energiser for an approximate 7 x 7 metre area.

equus bullet Ideally suited for dry and rocky ground.

equus bullet No catching of mane or tail hair.

equus bullet Set up and dismantle in minutes.

equus bullet Comes in a carry bag.

The Corral Paddock Set With Energiser is the perfect solution for setting up a 7m x 7m tournament or paddock area. With a complete carry bag for easy transport, it can be set up and dismantled in minutes. The metal posts are ideal for rocky and dry ground. The set up won't cause any hair-catching for your horse. The weight is 13.5kg for a durable, customisable solution. Comes complete with an energiser.

Size Guide

Available in one size for an approximate 7 x 7m area.