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Beaphar PrimeVal Stressless Paard Syringe

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The Beaphar PrimeVal Stressless Paard Syringe helps to quickly tackle stress. It is a unique soothing supplement that helps your horse to relax. Ideal to use in stressful or excitable situations such as backing, clipping, farrier, vet or competitions. The soothing herbs in combination with essential amino acids help to reduce tension and stress, without compromising the alertness of your horse. This supplement allows your horse remains alert and focused and can continue to perform at top level. Free from prohibited substances. 

Feeding Guidelines

For the treatment of acute stress, distribute the entire contents of the injector on the back of the horse's tongue (450-600 kg).
For ponies, use half a syringe. To do this, turn the dosing ring halfway up the rod.
Administer one hour before effect is needed.

What's in it

Herbs, minerals, vitamins, amino acids.

Size Guide

Available in a 30ml syringe.