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ARMA Magnetic Boots

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equus bullet The ARMA Magnetic Boots help to muscle tension and inflammation, aid recovery, remove toxins and improve general well-being.

equus bullet They are easy to use and can be part of a daily routine. 

equus bullet Each boot contains 10 permanent magnets. Magnetic strength of 2800 gauss.

equus bullet Made from breathable heat releasing fabrics. 

equus bullet Suitable for use in the stable or whilst travelling.

equus bullet Available in Black and Blue.

The ARMA Magnetic Boots are therapeutic stable boots that can be used to warm up and relax muscles after exercise, relieve muscle tension, aid relaxation, reduce inflammation, ease general stiffness, boost wellbeing, and support your horses natural healing process. Ideal for use as part of a daily routine. 

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Available in Pony, Cob or Full.