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Aqueous Spray On Plaster

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Protects minor cuts and grazes from water, dirt and bacteria

Aqueous spray on plaster is a must have for your animal first aid kit. It forms a film of micronised silver aluminium that acts like a bandage, giving excellent protection to any part of the body. Can be used on horses and dogs.

"My daughter’s pony was injured when a horse struck out at his back. Obviously we were quite worried as it was across his back and as a fully clipped pony he needed to wear rugs during the night. After 3 days it was all dried despite still having rugs on as the weather was cold and he was fully clipped. It's left him with a small scar which you only see when you clip him out and a couple of white hairs."

                                            Before and After Use of Aqueous Spray On Plaster


equus bullet Reduces the risk of infection

equus bullet Aids the natural healing process

equus bullet Elastic and breathable

equus bullet Excellent adhesive properties, it stays in place whilst the wound heals

equus bullet Easy to apply in awkward areas

equus bullet Lasts for several days.

equus bullet Suitable for horses and dogs.

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Available in a 200ml spray.