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Aqueous Equine Anti-Bacterial Tack And Disinfectant Wipes

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200 wipes
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Kills bacteria, fungi and viruses - suitable for all tack

Aqueous disinfectant wipes are fast acting wipes, suitable for any surface, e.g. leather, synthetics, metal and even your own hands. The disinfectant continues to work after application and these wipes are highly recommended to take along to shows as part of your hygiene regime.


equus bullet Kills bacteria, fungi and viruses, including ringworm and strangles, in seconds

equus bullet Alcohol free

equus bullet Easily removes dirt, grease and sweat

equus bullet Non-sticky and fragrance free

equus bullet Inhibits the development of mould or mildew

equus bullet Rejuvenates old tack

equus bullet Can be used on leather, synthetics, bits and irons

equus bullet Disinfects hands

equus bullet Reduces the risk of cross contamination.

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Available in a pack of 200 wipes.