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Winter boots

winter horse riding boots buying guide

As riders we spend a lot of time outdoors – in all weathers. While in summer it's a welcome break to get out and about, in winter it can be a very different story. It’s essential to have the right gear to ensure that winter riding remains a pleasure. So stay warm this winter and follow our four-point guide to picking the perfect all-weather boots.

1. Stay dry

Wet feet equals cold feet. When the weather is wet, waterproof boots are essential. The Muck Boot Colt Ryder boot is completely waterproof and great for winter yard work. When you’re riding, try the Mountain Horse Snowy River Boots. More slimline and taller than the Colt Ryder, they are designed for both walking and riding and have a waterproof membrane in the foot and part way up the leg.

2. Wear a sock liner

This helps with insulation and makes the boot more versatile in changeable weather.

3. Support yourself

If you’re wearing your boots every day they need to be comfortable. Both the Colt Ryder and the Snowy River have ergonomically-designed insoles for impact protection, meaning you can wear them all day without getting sore feet.

4. Go multi-functional

We love the Snowy River Boot for its versatility. These hard-wearing boots have a great sole, specifically designed for both walking and riding, and a forged steel shank to improve stability. They also feature hidden elastic panels and an adjustable strap at the top of the leg for a bespoke fit.