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Wellington Boots Buying Guide

wellington boots buying guide

Weather is by its very nature is often unpredictable! We have a great range of boots for all weathers but we also know that there are times when only a wellington will really do.  Most of all though we appreciate how important it is to you to have a pair of wellingtons that don't split like many do. 

And when we say wellington, we don’t mean a fashion-based rubber boot, we mean a proper boot that delivers on design, performance and durability. The best we have found are from Muck Boot. These are no ordinary wellingtons. The design features a top grade, 5mm neoprene boot with a rubber overlay, making it both flexible and waterproof. Neoprene is also an excellent insulator and much more lightweight than a fully-rubber boot, making the Muck Boot a lot easier to wear for prolonged periods of time.

The Vibram outsole provides excellent grip in even the worst weather and the wide tread is  easy to clean. The specially formulated compound won’t rot away after contact with manure or other waste products, making these boots a long-lasting option for yard work in bad weather. In fact, the entire boot has been designed for longevity. A reinforced toe and heel provide additional protection in areas that encounter the most stress, while the kick rim on some designs means the boot can be kicked off without any damage.

Inside, an Airmesh lining allows air to circulate throughout the interior, wicking away moisture and humidity and making the boots excellent in both winter and summer. This specially-formulated anti-friction lining also reduces friction to zero - in fact, it has the lowest friction rating of any lining material made in the world!

So, whatever you're up to, whether it’s gardening, riding, yard work or just walking the dog - we have a great selection of Muck Boots that really deserve their stellar reputation.