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Spring Riding Jackets Buying Guide

horse riding jackets guide

Tired of wearing your Winter riding coat? Us too!

Spring has most definitely sprung here in the UK.  Now that March is well behind us and we’re well in to British Summer Time, we equestrians are all thrilled that our ‘mole-like’ existence of being forever in the dark in the early mornings and from tea-time onwards has passed…for the time being at least!

However navigating the temperamental climate changes—one day it’s raining, the next it’s a pleasant 21 degrees etc —is no easy feat.  The key is having the right Spring jacket.  Here at EQUUS we know exactly what you the type of lightweight layer that you need.  To help your winter-to-spring transition, we’ve rounded up three of the very best jackets especially for you from our Spring/Summer 2014 collection.

On trend this year and practically everywhere you look on the High Street, are quilted jackets.  They’re really easy to wear and are definitely the perfect item of clothing for those days when you don’t know what the weather is going to do.  So it’s great to see this one from Mountain Horse.  Flatteringly shaped and effortlessly stylish, the Sonata jacket is thick enough to keep you warm but light enough to ride in.  Available in this stunning fuchsia, cream, navy and khaki.  I think the fuchsia’s my favourite colour as it makes a refreshing change from the endless navy jackets that I already have!

Next up is another Mountain Horse jacket called Audrey.  It’s a lightweight, waterproof summer jacket. How many jackets do you know that can claim to be waterproof...? Water resistant, yes maybe... but waterproof is actually quite rare.  On its own being waterproof makes this jacket an essential part of an equestrian’s wardrobe combined with which it comes with a long list of great practical features that you’ve come to know and love from Mountain Horse.  Its versatile features and look make this more than just a riding jacket if required.  It's available in navy and driftwood.

If you prefer a shorter, more fitted jacket, then the Kingsland Helena is for you.  Anyone who has walked down the High Street recently will recognise this trendy tailored look.  Looks aside, good design and functionality are evident with this piece, e.g. the sleeves are slightly longer for riding than they would be on an equivalent casual jacket and the fabric it’s made from is water resistant and breathable too.  As always the jacket bears a distinctive Kingsland brand patch, in this case, a small sequined one on the arm.  Teamed with a pair of breeches, this jacket creates a very pleasing impression.

You won’t be disappointed with any of these jackets.  Get through Spring in style and buy yours today!