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Our Vision

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the champion of choice for all who care about horses.

When Kim Horton and Steven Wood founded EQUUS, they resolved to build a company based on their common values of integrity, respect, determination, innovation and fun!  These values form the bedrock of the three key principles set out by the founders: service, ultimate convenience and diversity.

Service: the only true differentiator

Why would customers choose to go elsewhere when EQUUS offers the very best possible service?  Simply put, our customers are at the heart of everything we do.  In considering the products we offer and the service we provide, our first thought is always – always - what do our customers want and need?  We will never be beaten on service.

Ultimate convenience: because what matters is you

What’s the most precious commodity that can never be replaced?  Time, of course.  The team at EQUUS know that.  Everything we do, whether it is making our site easy to navigate so you can find things easily, or getting your order to you quickly, is designed to ensure you save that most precious thing of all.  So you can get on with your equine life.

Diversity: so everyone can lead a full and rewarding life

EQUUS fosters a culture that welcomes diversity and offers the same opportunity for all.

Whether you are a vet, farrier or yard owner, Olympic champion or happy hacker, or someone who simply enjoys going to events such as Burghley, we offer a compelling range of products and services to help you pursue your passion.

That’s not just idle talk.  We are working hard, every day, at all levels of the equestrian industry, to make things better for everyone who cares about horses. 

Welcome to EQUUS.