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Kool Coat Size Guide

Kool Coat Size Guide


Welcome to our Kool Coat Size Guide.

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Kool Coat Horse Range
Summer Fly Rugs

Summer Fly Rugs Size Chart

Kool Coat Summer Fly Rugs come in standard sizing.

How to measure 

To find the back seam (A), measure your horse from the wither to the top of the tail.

To find the body length (B), measure your horse from the centre of the chest to the end of the rump.

How To MEasure Your Horse For A Rug Kool Coat Size Guide

Summer Fly Rugs Size Chart
Back Seam Body Length
Euro Size Feet / Inches Inches CM
55cm 3'0" 36" 90cm
60cm 3'3" 39" 100cm
65cm 3'6" 42" 105cm
70cm 3'9" 45" 115cm
75cm 4'0" 48" 120cm
85cm 4'3" 51" 130cm
90cm 4'6" 54" 140cm
95cm 4'9" 57" 145cm
105cm 5'0" 60" 155cm
115cm 5'3" 63" 160cm
120cm 5'6" 66" 170cm
125cm 5'9" 69" 175cm
135cm 6'0" 72" 185cm
140cm 6'3" 75" 190cm
150cm 6'6" 78" 200cm
155cm 6'9" 81" 205cm
160cm 7'0" 84" 215cm
165cm 7'3" 87" 225cm

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