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A licensed veterinary horse fly repellent product from Z-Itch that can be used in the fight against sweet itch in horses. It is best used from early spring, before the midges start biting and then applied once a week to control the problem.


equus bullet Aids the control of sweet itch in horses.

equus bullet Especially strong in the control of culicoides (biting midges).

equus bullet Once weekly application.

equus bullet Contains Permethrin.

equus bullet Ready to use, pour on solution.

equus bullet Licensed veterinary medicine AVM-GSL.

We Say

This formulation is recommended by many owners whose horses suffer from sweet itch and related conditions. For additional protection, take a look at our range of Sweet Itch Rugs.

Suggested uses

On the yard, turnout, in the stable, general horse care during the summer months.


Contains permethrin 40mg/ml.

Size Guide

Available in a 250ml bottle.