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Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Sports Bandages

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Weatherbeeta Therapy-Tec Sports Bandages incorporate ceramic technology, which reflects your horse's body heat back into the body, increasing circulation and expanding blood vessels. These bandages are great for rehab, recovery and preventive maintenance. They can also help prevent stocking up in stabled horses. Therapy-Tec products help to increase your horse’s muscle function, reducing the risk of injury whilst warming up by preparing the muscles for exercise, and reducing lactic acid build up for better recovery. 


equus bullet Uses ceramic technology to reflect the horse's body heat back into the lower legs. 

equus bullet Assists with recovery after exercise by reducing build up of lactic acid.

equus bullet Prepares muscles for exercise, reducing the risk of injury.

equus bullet Great for horse on rehab or recovery programmes. 

equus bullet Available in Black with Silver and Red trim.

Suggested uses

Prior to, during, and after exercise, during recovery or rehabilitation after injury.

Care Instructions

Each style in the WeatherBeeta Therapy-Tec Range comes with individual care instructions - we recommend that you follow the instructions on the care label for each individual item.

Size Guide

Available in one size - 2.5 Metres.