Wahl Showman Easy Ear Cleaner


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Unique cleansing fluid that soothes skin and discourages bugs

Non-foaming, perfectly balanced fluid from Wahl that is used for cleaning horse's ears. This gentle, therapeutic treatment is designed to soothe, clean and repel unwanted pests.


equus bullet Natural ingredients - contains no harmful detergents or cleansers

equus bullet Effortlessly removes dust, dirt and ear wax

equus bullet Aloe Vera and Menthol cool the skin and soothe irritation

equus bullet Camphor assists in reducing inflammation

equus bullet Eucalyptus discourages ear mites, fleas and other bugs

equus bullet Suitable for most animal ears

equus bullet Non-foaming, cleaning, therapeutic treatment for regular use.


Contains Aloe Vera gel, Menthol, Camphor and Eucalyptus.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml container.