Tredstep Symphony No. 1 Argenta FS Competition Breeches

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The Argenta balances design for performance with classic tailoring

These breeches combine Tredstep's Motion Fit design with the world's leading Schoeller Prestige fabric and include a range of notable design features that are brought together in classical harmony which allow the rider to feel, sense and respond to the movement of the horse at all times.


equus bullet Full Seat

equus bullet Fashionable mid rise waist

equus bullet High "V" back waistband

equus bullet Understated, colour co-ordinated buttons and details, such as zips

equus bullet Branded front belt loop

equus bullet Buttoned rear belt loop with co-ordinating buttons

equus bullet 2 welted front pockets with silver zip

equus bullet Schoeller NanoSphere self cleaning fabric

equus bullet Four way stretch fabric

equus bullet Moisture control

equus bullet Soft skin touch.


Editor's Comments

The technology and design that has been incorporated in to these breeches is both outstanding and extraordinary. They're made of Scheoller's Prestige fabric which means that the bi-elastic stretch fabric retains its shape exceedingly well, it's continuously hard wearing, it's super comfortable and it's also an impeccable fit even after a long ride.

They also incorporate Scheoller's Nanosphere's technology.  This means that dirt and water simply run off the surface of the fabric. This mimics the natural self-cleaning effect of certain plants whose leaves always remain clean, because dirt simply cannot adhere to the finely structured surface, and is easily washed off when it rains.  If you're worried about if this will wash out after frequent washes, you can be assured that it doesn't and what's more washing has no effect on comfort, look, feel, breath ability or elasticity.

Dressage riders will love this style as the full seat provides great comfort and grip as well as a professional and stylish look. Whilst eventers on the other hand, will love also love it as the definition waistband eliminates gaping and belt pulling.


Tredstep Ireland has built in a range of active motion features, all designed to give you the rider free and fluid movement whilst riding. You can read more about these technologies here:

Tredstep Integrated Cuff

Integrated Cuff

A combination of scrolled patterns and butterfly seams mould themselves around the lower leg shape. The result? You enjoy a superior fit and a reduction in bunching of the breech's fabric at the back of your knee.

The integrated calf design accommodates varying calf sizes, streamlines and elongates the leg producing a secure feel with full freedom of movement.

Tredstep Definition Waistband

Definition Waistband

The Tredstep Symphony waistband improves the definition of the waist, which is noticeably more flattering to the rider.

It is designed using circular pattern techniques which results in a smooth curved fit through the rider's lower back.

What does this mean for you? No annoying gaping or belt pulling!

Tredstep Articulated Knee Patch

Articulated Knee Patch

The upper area of the knee patch is lightly padded for increased comfort against the saddle, and the lower area, which is inside the rider's boot, is scalloped to reduce bulk and aid the flexion of the knee.

The Symphony Knee Patch maintains the front curve and look of the traditional knee patch but it has been specially designed in terms of shape, stitch and articulation, and graded padding to actively aid the unrestricted bending and flexion of the rider's knees.

Suggested uses



58% cotton, 34% micro and 8% elastan.

Washing instructions

Machine washable.

Size Guide

You can read a Tredstep Symphony No. 1 Argenta Full Seat Breech size guide by clicking here. Please be assured we want you to get the right fit and we're always here and happy to help you do so. Don't hesitate to call our Customer Services team on 01438 940561 if you need any assistance.