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Traditional Kineton Noseband
Traditional Kineton Noseband

Traditional Kineton Noseband

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The Traditional Kineton Noseband designed to compliment the Traditional range of leatherwear from Jeffries. It works by transferring bit pressure from the rider's hand to the nose, allowing the rider to use a milder bit and apply extra pressure to the nose when required. It is particularly effective for asserting control at higher speeds. The Kineton has half metal rings that pass under the bit, and a leather strap that sits below the bit and passes over the nose. Made from high-quality leather, the Traditional Kineton Noseband is classically styled in havana with natural flesh back and distinctive white stitching.

Ideal for horses who are hard pullers, commonly seen in cross country and show jumping

Designed to be used with a snaffle bit, ensuring the bit is wider than normal to allow for the half rings

Made using high-quality materials and hand stitched for strength and safety

Traditionally styled in havana with flesh back and white stitching