Splintex Gold

Formulated to help the reduction of cold splints


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Splintex Gold is a topical water based emulsion which is excellent for the reduction of splints. Splints manifest themselves as swellings and bony enlargements located on the splint bones on both forelegs and hindlegs of horses. Splintex Gold is designed for cold splints (older splints) and other conditions such as capped hocks, sesamoiditis, and early ringbone.

What's in it 

Distillates, Camphor, Salicylate, Wormwood, Eucalyptus, Menthol, Thymol.

Instructions for use 

Shake well before use and apply the Splintex lightly every day for three days then have two days off (five day cycles). Bandaging is optional but it is not required. If scurfing occurs reduce the amount of Splintex applied and/or allow a recovery period before continuing.

Splintex application time may be 30-60 days or more for excessively large splint cases. Continue five day cycles as long as necessary. Do not mix with DMSO.

Size Guide 

Available in a 60ml bottle, brush included.