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Smart Grooming Tame The Mane Conditioner and Detangler

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The Smart Grooming Tame the Mane spray is a highly effective conditioner and detangler to help tame thick and natural manes and tails. This multi-purpose grooming spray leaves manes and tails tangle free and easy to manage, and prevents mud from clinging to the hair, making it great for use pre-turnout and usable on thick feathers too. The quick-dry formula contains a mixture of essential extracts and synthetic ingredients that create a healthy, natural shine without leaving a residue, holding the hairs in place and creating a naturally full-looking mane and tail. Available in a trigger spray for easy use, Tame The Mane is FEI and SSADL compliant. 

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Available in a 500ml spray bottle, or a 2.5 litre refill bottle.