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FlyGuard Pro Deluxe Fly Mask with Ears

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equus bullet Strong and durable Shires fly mask.

equus bullet 70+% average UV blocking, reducing the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching. Minimum rating 60+% for mesh.

equus bullet Air stream fabric ears.

equus bullet Fleece padding to prevent rubbing.

equus bullet Sculpted with reinforced darts keep the mask off the eyes.

equus bullet Secures with adjustable touch close safety straps.

equus bullet Fine mesh.

equus bullet Ideal for sensitive horses.

equus bullet Available in Purple or Green.

This high quality FlyGuard Pro Fly mask has a fine mesh that is shaped using reinforced darts and fleecy padding to hold it away from the sensitive eye area. The mesh over the eyes (and nose) provides UV over 60% UV protection, helping diminish the risk of sunburn and sun bleaching.

Buying Guide

Fly masks protect against bothersome flies, midges, gnats and other flying bugs. They also provide a barrier against dust and airborne particles. Read our Fly Mask Buying Guide for more information.

Care instructions

Hand wash cool.


Outer: 100% polyester

Size Guide

Available in sizes to fit small pony, pony, cob, full and extra full horses. Read our Shires Fly Mask Fitting Guide.

Please note, the Burgundy has one strap and the Purple and Green have one strap.