Shires Compositi Ellipse Comfort Stirrups

Comfortable and effective safety stirrup


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Shires Compositi Ellipse Comfort Stirrups have been designed in a unique, robust ovoid form for strength and durability. These Compositi lightweight stirrups feature a flexible, shape-memory arch that prevents stress points to reduce the risk of the stirrup breaking. The branch is quick-release to completely free your foot in the event of a fall for your safety. Not only are they a new generation safety stirrup, they also offer a shock-absorbing sole that absorbs impact and releases tension in your knees and joints for added comfort. These stirrups are perfectly balanced with a low centre of gravity. The Ellipse gives you the ultimate unparalleled safety, stability and comfort.

Available in a range of colours - Black, Black/Orange, Black/Bright Blue, Black/Bright Green, Black/Brown, Black/Dark Grey, Black/Green, Black/Pink, Black/Purple, Black/Raspberry, Black/Royal, or Black/Red.

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Available in Adult.