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Science Supplements Pure Linseed Oil

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Science Supplements Pure Linseed Oil is a premium product produced by cold pressing whole linseed to produce a pure linseed oil. It is the only linseed oil available that has the correct amount of vitamin E added to achieve one unit of vitamin E per ml of oil, as recommended by equine nutritionists. It also contains rosemary extract which acts as a natural anti-oxidant to preserve the oil and maintain palatability. High in beneficial omega 3 fatty acids, it supports general health and is ideal for a healthy coat, skin and for gaining condition in a safe way.

Feeding Guidelines

Mix thoroughly with feed and split between meals where possible.

Per day for weight gain and condition, stamina or as an alternative to cereals:

Pony - approximately 250kg feed 150ml = ½ mug.

Horse - approximately 500kg feed 300ml = 1 mug.

Large Horse - Over 750kg feed 450ml = 1½ mugs.

Per day for healthy skin and coat or to maintain existing condition:

Pony - approximately 250kg feed 75ml = ¼ mug.

Horse - approximately 500kg feed 150ml = ½ mug.

Large Horse - Over 750kg feed 225ml = ¾ mug.

What's in it

Linseed Oil, Vitamin E, Natural Antioxidant (Rosemary).

Size Guide

Available in 5 Litres.