Roma Grazing Muzzle

Horse grazing muzzle for weight control


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The Roma Grazing Muzzle is a simple but effective design, it comes in purple or black. It has a nylon webbing harness that is fully adjustable with a strong velcro fastening that will release in case of an emergency. 


equus bullet Nylon webbing harness.

equus bullet Rubber base with a hole in the middle.

equus bullet Velcro fastening.

equus bullet Fully adjustable.

equus bullet Available in Black or Purple.

Buying Guide

At EQUUS, we want to help you find the best grazing muzzle for your horse, take a look at our Grazing Muzzles Buying Guide to help you find everything you need to know about grazing muzzles.


Grazing Muzzles can help your horse with more than just weight management, the spring grass can have an effect on your horse. It is very rich, meaning it can cause your horse to gain weight as well as other problems. Often our horses are not used to this type of grass and it could cause your horse to colic. A grazing muzzle can prevent your horse from eating too much of this rich grass at once and can help prevent him from becoming ill. Read more in our Blog: Effects of Spring Grass on Horses. 

Size Guide

Available in Pony, Cob, or Full sizes. 

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