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Rena San Animal Ear Drops

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The Rena San Ear Drops are suitable for all animals and are for disinfection and cleansing of ears for all animal species. These animal ear drops are fast and effective for ears that have been affected by bacteria, fungi and yeast in ears. It can also be used to disinfect minor wounds, scrapes, and irritation around animal ears. Independently laboratory tested to 12 EN test standards including EN1656 (Bactericidal) EN14476 (Virucidal), EN13697 (Fungicidal and Yeasticidal), EN13704 (Sporicidal). Innovative and vet approved, RenaSan antiseptic ear wash contains the active ingredient hypochlorous. This is one of the most powerful natural skin antiseptics and skin disinfectants available. It is antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal. RenaSan products are in use daily in veterinary surgeries as well as livestock and poultry farms around the UK and worldwide. This product is dermatologically tested, non drying and non sting. Contains no sodium hypochlorite (bleach), preservatives, alcohol or nasty chemicals.

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Available in a 100ml bottle.