Pivo Auto Tracking Full Pack Silver

Everything you need to take excellent videos and photos with Pivo, your very own cameraman


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The Pivo Auto Tracking Full Pack Silver is an excellent bundle that includes the Pivo Auto Tracking Camera Pod Silver, Travel Case, Smart Mount, Tripod, Action Mount and the Studio 360. Everything you need to get that professional looking shot. The Pivo Mount helps track your movement ensuring you are on camera when filming and the light and durable case will keep your Pod and remote protected and secure when on the move. The tripod will allow you to set your Pivo up wherever you need it. The Studio 360 helps you to get a professional studio looking image, providing excellent lighting and a turn table that allows you to get a 360 view of your product. It features 2 LED strips with 11 brightness settings with a choice of white, black or green backdrop and charges with a micro USB.

Please note: The Pivo Pod is designed to hold your smartphone (not included) to film and cannot be used without.

Size Guide

Available in one size.


Max Height - 5.19ft (160cm).

360 lightbox:

Turntable (Max. load 2.2lb/1 kg) - Width: 7.01 in./17.8 cm, Height: 0.39 in./1 cm, Weight: 2.43 oz/69 g.

Lightbox - Width: 9.06 in./23 cm, Height: 9.45 in./24 cm, Depth: 9.45 in./24 cm, Weight: 9.7 oz/275 g.

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