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Pernamax Equine Tablets

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Maxavita Parnamax Equine Tablets are a revolutionary equine health supplement designed to soothe stiff, sore and aching joints in a pure and natural way. The patented active ingredient is SuPerna, the powdered extract of New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel. SuPerna contains essential Omega-3 'fatty acids' and naturally occurring Chondroitin Sulphate to help maintain the freedom of joints from aches and pains. 120 tablets equals 1 month supply. Dosage: 4 tablets a day (8 loading). Free loading dose enclosed.

Feeding Guidelines

Individual horses may vary in terms of their joint mobility and therefore some variation in the daily intake regime may be required until stability is maintained.

The following guidelines are for all horse sizes: 

Loading dose for the first 10 days - 8 tablets per day. 

Maintenece dose - 4 tablets per day. 

What's in it 

Green Lipped Mussel Extract, SuPerna.

Size Guide

Available in 120 tablets or 360 tablets.