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Omega Equine B12 Boost

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The Omega Equine B12 Boost contains 100% natural vitamin B12, as well as a combination of other key ingredients to aid palatability and optimise absorption. Each ingredient has been carefully sourced and tested to ensure the supplement works in complete harmony. The result is a safe and powerful supplement for horses that need help managing energy levels and keeping a level head. Complex B vitamins are a valuable resource to the body and can be added to equine diet through plants, as well as being synthesized naturally within the body. However, one B Vitamin, B12, is not available in plants and only synthesized in the horse’s hindgut.

This horse supplement acts as a 'pick me up' for any horse who shows signs of being 'flat' or fatigued and helps to maintain high energy levels without making a horse 'fizzy' or over-excited. Omega B12 provides the correct nutrition to sustain high energy production whilst also keeping a level head. Vitamin B12 is vital for maintaining enzyme function and sustaining healthy fat, protein and carbohydrate metabolisms. It is also required for the normal formation of blood cells and amino acids. Its balanced presence in body helps maintain high physical health and wellbeing.

Feeding Guidelines

Follow instructions on packaging.

What's in it? 

Dextrose, Brewers Yeast, Calcium Carbonate, Aloe Vera Powder, B12 300,000mcg. 

Analytical Constituents:
Crude Protein 9% 
Crude Fibre 4%
Crude fats and oils 1%
Crude Ash 10%
Sodium 0.60%

Size Guide

Available in a 1kg or 4kg tub.