Nettex Carron Oil

Providing a valuable source of energy to support health, vitality and digestion


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Nettex Equine's Carron Oil is a valuable source of slow release energy to support health, vitality and digestion. Linseed’s best known attribute is its high Omega 3 essential fatty acid content. Over half of the oil in linseed is made up of the Omega 3 fatty acid α‐linoleic acid. A horse’s natural grazing diet is high in omega 3 fatty acids. Linseed provides a ‘natural’ way to keep the levels of omega 3 in a horse’s diet balanced. Carron Oil acts as a great winter 'pick me up' to maintain condition as it provides calories without sugar or starch. It also helps maintain a healthy stomach with normal acid levels.

Feeding Guidelines 

Shake well before use. Introduce gradually and build up to required dose. Can be split between two feeds if preferred.

Horses - Feed 60ml per day mixed with feed.

Ponies - Feed 30ml per day mixed with feed.

What's in it 

Cold pressed Linseed Oil with added calcium.

Size Guide

Available in 4.5 Litres.