Mountain Horse Ladies Eclipse Suede Boot

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A durable lace up boot with IPS technology

Description: A durable, lace up fashionable looking boot that has a waterproof foot part.  They feature a clever removable fur-trimmed sock that will keep your feet warm and snug whatever the temperature. They include Mountain Horse’s Impact Protection System (IPS) in the heel which means you'll be able to wear them all day without getting achy feet. For a detailed size guide, click on the 'Information' tab.

Editor's comments: This is a great trendy looking boot that will keep your feet warm as well as dry.  The laces do up smoothly and quickly, making these boots quick and easy to get on.

USEFUL TIP: once you've removed the inner 'sock', the best way to get it back inside the boot is to put the lining on your foot first, then put the boot on top. Take them both of together and hey presto, the sock is back in its proper place!

Suggested uses: Great for yard duties in the freezing cold!

Technology: Mountain Horse products feature superior technology with no compromise on rider function. These boots feature the following technical specifications.

ImpactFootwear labelled with IPS™ has a built-in cushion of double-layered EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) in the heel to provide shock absorption. Together with the IPS™ system's rubber walls with springy through-channels this cushion helps distribute the downward impact force from walking over a larger area and substantially reduces it.

Size Guide: You can read detailed sizing information by clicking here. Please be assured we want you to get the right fit and we're always here and happy to help you do so. Don't hesitate to call our Customer Services team on 01438 940561 if you need any assistance.