Lincoln Herbs Slippery Elm

Coats the stomach lining against high levels of gastric acid


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Lincoln Herbs Slippery Elm powder is rich in mucilage which, when moistened, coats and soothes the sensitive lining of the digestive tract. On reaching the stomach it coats the lining against high levels of gastric acid which can accumulate when the horse hasn’t eaten for several hours. If the stomach lining is already compromised, the coating soothes the area by creating a barrier against the acid. It can also be used as an effective poultice when applied externally.

Feeding Guidelines

Introduce to the diet slowly and add to the daily feed at the following rate: 

Ponies under 300kg - feed 15g (approximately 2 level scoops).

Horses 300kg - 600kg - feed 20g (approximately 3 level scoops).

Horses over 600kg - feed 25g (approximately 4 level scoops).

What's in it 

Slippery Elm.

Size Guide

Available in a 600 Gram tub.