Lincoln Herbs Psyllium Husks


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Lincoln Herbs Psyllium Husks are the outer coating of Plantago ovata seeds and are high in indigestible fibre. Horses who graze on sparce, sandy pastures ingest sand into the digestive system where it can settle and potentially cause problems. When Psyllium Husks are wet they swell to form a gel which when passing through the digestive system aids sand clearance from the digestive tract by promoting gut motility.

Feeding Guidelines

Introduce to the diet slowly and feed at the following rates for daily support

Ponies under 300kg - feed 25g (approximately 1 scoop).

Horses 300kg - 600kg - feed 50g (approximately 2 scoops).

Horses over 600kg - feed 75g (approximately 3 scoops).

Horses at a higher risk should be fed the following levels for 7 consecutive days per month: 

Horses up to 300kg - feed 75g (approximately 3 scoops).

Horses 300kg - 600kg - feed 100g (approximately 4 scoops).

Horses over 600kg - feed 125g (approximately 5 scoops).

What's in it

Psyllium Husks.

Size Guide

Available in a 1.5 Kilogram tub.