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Lincoln Herbs Milk Thistle Seeds

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Lincoln Herbs Milk Thistle Seeds contain whole seeds taken from the thistle head. Historically used to promote milk production, milk thistle is mainly reputed for its ability to protect and support liver function. Also aids healthy skin and the immune system.

Feeding Guidelines

Introduce to the diet slowly. Add to dialy feed at the following rates - 

Ponies under 300kg: 15 grams (approximately 1.5 scoops).

Horses between 300kg and 600kg: 20 grams (approximately 2 scoops).

Horses over 600kg: 25 grams (approximately 2.5 scoops).

Scoop supplied with product. 

What's in it

Milk Thistle Seeds.

Size Guide 

Available in a 1 Kilogram bag.