Lincoln Eucalyptus Hoof & Sole Dressing

Anti-fungal, moisture-regulating hoof ointment with eucalyptus and wheatgerm oil to optimise moisture levels in imperfect conditions


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Lincoln Eucalyptus Hoof and Sole Dressing is an anti-fungal, moisture-regulating hoof ointment fortified with eucalyptus and wheatgerm oil, formulated to optimise moisture levels when hoof integrity is compromised through imperfect conditions. Eucalyptus oil has powerful anti-fungal properties to maintain a healthy hoof and frog whilst wheatgerm oil adds the benefits of a fatty acid complex to optimise and support the hoof’s natural pliability. Protects and safeguards against brittleness and cracking, saturation and flaring dependent upon the conditions. Barefoot friendly.

Size Guide 

Available in a 1 Litre tub.