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Life Data Farrier's Finish

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Ultimate hoof treatment and protection

If your horse suffers from hoof problems such as thrush, soft soles, smelly frogs or white line disease this is a deeply cleansing and protective preparation from Life Data which could help to combat the issues. It supports the elasticity and moisture balance within the hoof by providing a barrier which stops excessive moisture getting in when it's very wet and retains natural oils when it's very dry.


equus bullet Safe and effective liquid hoof dressing to maintain healthy and beautiful hooves

equus bullet Active against most 'hoof eating' bacteria and fungi that cause hoof problems

equus bullet Supports the balance of moisture in the hoof capsule, so ideal for use in very wet or dry conditions

equus bullet No tar or petroleum based ingredients

equus bullet Supports elasticity and shock absorption of the hoof wall

equus bullet Natural resins provide a protective barrier to moisture

equus bullet Protects the hoof surface but also penetrates deep into cracks and crevices.

We Say

Stop hoof attacking bacteria and fungi in their tracks and keep hooves healthy and beautiful with this great all round hoof dressing.

Suggested uses

Treatment and maintenance of horses hooves, especially those which can suffer from environmental conditions.


Grain extract, Amino Acids, Propane-1,2-diol, Tea Tree Oil, Propan-2-ol, Iodine, Yucca Extract.

Size Guide

Available in a 473ml bottle.