LeMieux Pro Lambskin Half Pad

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Best selling Merino+ lambskin saddle pad

This classic LeMieux half pad is made from 100% natural Australian Merino lambskin. It's wool is much denser and softer than the older sheep wool used in many other pads on the market today. Its clear spine is swept up at the wither to relieve pressure on your horse's spine and keep him cool by allowing air flow. They can be used with any cut of saddle for a professional style and look. Use on top of a thin cotton square or straight onto the horses back.


equus bullet Finest quality Merino lambskin

equus bullet D-ring fitting slot to keep pad secure

equus bullet Dense and soft wool

equus bullet Provides cushioning and breathability without excessive bulk to distort the saddle fit

equus bullet High wither 'swan neck' and clear spine relieves pressure, improves air flow and gives a better fit

equus bullet Half Pad design will fit any cut of saddle

equus bullet Available in black, white, navy or brown with a choice of wool colours.

We Say

A real favourite amongst horse owners all over the world, this high quality pad is versatile, practical and luxurious. It looks great and it does a very good job. 

Suggested uses

Competitions, dressage, show jumping, eventing, showing, hunting, schooling, riding out, general riding.


Australian Merino Lambskin and cotton.

Care Instructions

Follow these steps to care for your LeMieux Lambskin Half Pad:

equus bullet Remove hair, dirt and dried sweat with a stiff brush

equus bullet Rub human hair conditioner (ideally for dry hair) generously over lambskin areas

equus bullet Machine wash at 30°C on a cool or wool cycle, or hand wash

equus bullet Use a non-biological powder or liquid

equus bullet Straighten/flatten cotton fabric after washing

equus bullet Air dry near heat source. Never tumble dry

equus bullet Avoid using strong fabric conditioners

Your lambskin pad will last for years if washed carefully on a wool cycle (maximum temperature of 30°C), or by hand. Use a non-biological powder or liquid. Pour several capfuls of human hair conditioner over the underside of the lambskin prior to placing in the machine.

Note: always air dry. DO NOT tumble dry or place directly on a heat source.

Size Guide

Available in sizes Small Pony (XS), Pony (S), Cob (M) or Full (L). See our LeMieux Half Pads Size Guide for sizing information.

Note: Small Pony (XS) not available in Brown with Taupe Wool.