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Kevin Bacon's Liquid Hoof Dressing

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Easy to apply and highly recommended

This hoof preparation is similar to Kevin Bacon's popular Hoof Dressing but comes in an easy to apply liquid. At times, especially in the winter, the solid form can become quite hard, so this is a great alternative. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and has been manufactured using traditional methods. It penetrates the horn of the hoof to nourish and protect, whilst improving the appearance. Regular use protects the hooves from wet conditions, activates horn growth and prevents the hoof from drying out.


equus bullet Ideal for the inconsistent British climate

equus bullet Protects hooves from saturation in wet conditions

equus bullet Applies moisture in dry weather

equus bullet Maintains elasticity and suppleness of the hoof

equus bullet Helps prevent splits and cracks

equus bullet Acts as a barrier to bacteria

equus bullet Promotes healthy horn growth.

We Say

Farriers, professionals and horse owners all recommend this amazing all-round hoof care product.

Suggested uses

Apply to hoof walls and soles three to four times a week or more often if intensive treatment is required.


Contains vegetable oils and fresh laurel leaves.

Size Guide

Available in 500ml and 1L bottles.