Keratex Medicated Hoof and Leg Scrub


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Anti-microbial foaming spray

This powerful, cleansing scrub from Keratex is perfect for keeping damaged skin clean and sanitised in wet and wintery conditions. A leave in anti-bacterial and anti-fungal spray which is gentle enough to use daily.


equus bullet Contains revolutionary antimicrobial Byotrol sanitising agent

equus bullet Foams on contact

equus bullet Use on all parts of the leg and hoof

equus bullet Suitable for use on abraisions, scabs and damaged skin

equus bullet Ideal for mud fever and cracked heels

equus bullet Does not need to be rinsed off

equus bullet Silent spray action.

We Say

This scrub is so easy to use as it is ready mixed and comes as a handy spray, no mixing or diluting required.

Suggested uses

For cleaning and disinfecting sore and broken skin in wet and muddy conditions.


Contains Byotrol - an antimicrobial sanitising agent.

Size Guide

Available in a 300ml trigger spray bottle.