John Whitaker Universal Stainless Steel Snaffle Bit

Innovative single jointed bit that can be used in over six different ways


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The John Whitaker Universal Snaffle Bit is the definitive bit to use for any horse. It can be used on a variety of horses and in many different situations. By adjusting the point at which the cheek pieces and reins are attached, the strength of the bit itself can be increased or decreased. The Universal bit comes with a standard single jointed snaffle mouthpiece with smooth bars, or a single jointed mouthpiece with slightly twisted bars that create more pressure points in the horse's mouth and on the lips, giving the rider greater control. Suitable for all disciplines and everyday riding. Looking for a French link snaffle? Take a look at the John Whitaker Universal Bullet French Link Stainless Steel Snaffle Bit.

Size Guide

Available in sizes 5" (135cm), or 5.5" (145mm).