HKM Zebra Print Anti Fly Mask 5269


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Striking fly mask scientifically proven to discourage flies


equus bullet Zebra Print is proven by scientists to deter flies from landing on your horse's face.

equus bullet Protects from flies, insects, dust and pollen from ears to muzzle.

equus bullet Durable, hard-wearing, rip-proof, quality knitted fabric.

equus bullet Good clearance around the eyes.

equus bullet Velcro fastenings.

This rip-proof HKM fly mask will protect your horse's face from flies, midges and insects. Zebra print has been proven by scientists to discourage bugs from landing as it distorts the outline of your horse. It also gives protection from dust and pollen. It has good clearance around the eyes, and provides effective coverage for the whole head including the ears and muzzle. This is one of the best all-round fly masks. Match it with the HKM Zebra Fly Rug for all-over fly protection.

Care Instructions

Machine washable on cold setting (close velcro fastenings before washing). Use non-biological detergent. 

Size Guide

Available in Shetland Pony, Pony, Cob, or Full sizes.