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Henry Wag Car Boot 'N' Bumper Protector

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Hatchback (100 x 70cm)
SUV (110 x 110cm)
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The Henry Wag Car Boot 'N' Bumper Protector fits easily into the back of your car, providing comfort for dogs and helping to keep the boot clean and tidy, protecting the interior from the wettest, muddiest and sandiest of dogs. The cover fixes around the rear head restraints and fixes to the back of the rear seats with Velcro. It has sides to protect the boot walls and can fix to fabric or plastic interiors. The quilted double wall twill nylon is tear resistant and easily brushed clean or machine washed. Includes a weighted bumper protection panel (100 x 60cm) which is adjustable to the size of the vehicle and protects the bumper from dirt and scratches whilst loading and unloading. Available in Silver. 

Size Guide

Available in two sizes - Hatchback (100 x 70cm), or SUV (110 x 110cm).