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Gold Label Oestraban

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Gold Label Oestraban contains agnus castus (monkspepper), an oestrogen-mimicking herb which can be fed to hyperactive stallions or rigs and problem mare-ish horses to assist in maintaining the hormone balance. It is also reputed to be beneficial for lactating mares.

Feeding Guidelines 

Mares - Feed 1 x measure (15g) for one week prior to expected onset of Oestrus (season). 

Lactating Mares - feed 1 x measure daily (15g) accompanied by extra food for increased lactation. 

Stallions and Rigs - Feed 1 x measure daily (15g) whilst being handles or ridden.

Ponies - Feed ½ x measure (7.5g) daily as above.

What's in it 

Agnus Castus and Mint.

Size Guide

Available in an 800 Gram tub.