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Gold Label Itchgon Emulsion

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This cooling, gentle formulation from Gold Label has natural ingredients for the relief of sweet itch in the summer months. It is easy to apply and perfect for putting on the main and tail or other infected areas.


equus bullet Contains neem oil and tea tree oil in a water based mixture.

equus bullet Neem oil which has insect repelling, insecticidal, anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

equus bullet For application to irritated skin especially around the mane and tail.

We Say

This emulsion will calm and heal the skin, encourage hair growth and discourage insects. Good for horses with sweet itch and other similar seasonal conditions. For additional protection, take a look at our Sweet Itch Collection.

Suggested uses

On the yard, general care and maintenance of horses in the summer months.


Contains Neem oil and Tea Tree Oil in a water based mixture.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml bottle.