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Gold Label Equikalm Daily

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Gold Label Equikalm Daily is a non-sedating herbal supplement based on Valerian Root, Natural B Group Vitamins and Hops. Has a mild effect on the central nervous system. After a period of feeding, it helps to calm nervous horses and settles excitement without impairing performance. An ideal supplement for horses with stable vices, hyperactivity when stabled or excitability when ridden. Not suitable for use under international and UK competition rules.

Feeding Guidelines 

Ponies - 1 x measure daily (15ml scoop).

Horses - 1 x measures (15ml scoop) TWICE daily.

Continue for at least 4 weeks. 

What's in it 

Valerian Root, Natural B Group Vitamins, and Hops.

Size Guide

Available in a 750 Gram tub or a 2 Kilogram tub.