Global Herbs Footstamp

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Concentrated formula for routine treatment of feathered legs

Once diluted, this natural herbal formulation from Global Herbs can be used routinely in the management of horses with itchy, hairy legs. It is also suitable for other parts of the body (except near the eyes), it helps to discourage and repel biting insects and offers relief from the irritation.


equus bullet Highly concentrated (dilute 1 part with 25-50 parts water)

equus bullet Plant based, herbal skin wash

equus bullet Great for heavy horses and other breeds with thick feathers

equus bullet Helps repel lice, harvest mites and other parasites.

 We Say

Highly recommended for cobs, natives and heavy horses to help them stay comfortable over the summer season.

Suggested uses

On the yard, general horse care and maintenance in the summer season. 


Contains Cedar Tree and Blue Pine.

Size Guide

Available in a 250ml or 500ml bottle.