Fly Away Defleqt Fly And Insect Repellent


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Environmentally and horse friendly fly repellent

Fly Away's powerful and 100% herbal formula ensures your horse is protected from all flying insects. It contains citronella oil but doesn't contain deet or any other chemicals. It's suitable for all exposed areas of the horses's coat, it's invisible upon application and it helps to improve the coat's condition and shine. It contains no listed FEI banned substances so it's safe for you, your horse and the environment.


equus bullet Made from 100% natural ingredients

equus bullet Contains Citronella oil

equus bullet Doesn't contain deet or other chemicals

equus bullet FEI compliant

equus bullet Invisible when used, so it doesn't leave any stains

equus bullet Improves coat condition and shine

equus bullet Safe and easy to use.

We Say

This fly repellent ticks all the boxes, especially if you're looking for a completely natural product.

Suggested uses

On the yard, everyday riding, competitions, hacking and turnout in the summer months.

Size Guide

Available as a 1L spray.