Fine Fettle Products D-Bug Ointment


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Completely natural relief from insect irritation

This soothing ointment from Fine Fettle Products should be applied in a thin layer to skin that is irritated by insect bites or stings. It works by neutralising the acids that are generated from biting insects and deterring further biting, therefore relieving the symptoms and preventing re-occurrence. 


equus bullet Soothing skin ointment

equus bullet Reduces itching caused by insect bites and stings

equus bullet Helps tackle insect infestation from mites, fleas etc.

equus bullet Neutralises the acid of bites and stings bringing relief to irritated skin

equus bullet Deters insects from biting.

We Say

A lovely natural product which is kind to your horse and helps fight irritation throughout the summer season. 

Suggested uses

On the yard, general horse care throughout the summer months. Good for horses that suffer with sweet itch. 


Contains Olive Oil, Zinc Oxide, Beeswax, Margosa Oil, Tagette Oil. No preservatives.

Size Guide

Available in a 190g tub.