EQyss Micro-Tek Spray

Versatile spray which is an essential for your first aid kit


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EQyss Micro-Tek Spray is fantastic for the winter months, especially if your horse is turned out in wet and muddy conditions. This fast acting spray acts on contact providing 24 hour 'leave on' protection. Promotes healthy skin by soothing and moisturising skin, whilst adding protein to damaged areas. Helps your horse or pony stop scratching, itching, biting, or rubbing red irritated skin and sweet itch, plus can soothe nettle rash and fly bites. Micro-Tek Spray is a non toxic formulation so will not burn or sting open wounds. Does your horse dislike being sprayed? why not take a look at the EQyss Micro-Tek Gel as an alternative.    

Instructions for use

Mist the entire coat, mane and tail, concentrating on the specific areas affected. Do not rinse, continue spraying damaged area 2 - 3 times a day on dry coat until skin improves. Recommend to use after washing with EQyss Micro-Tek Shampoo for best results.

Do not use this spray with any other medicated shampoos, particularly those containing IODINE or BETADINE shampoos as a reaction may occur. 

Size Guide 

Available in a 946ML spray bottle.