EQyss Marigold Fly Spray

One of the gentlest and best smelling fly sprays

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This product is only available in the UK due to flight restrictions.

EQyss Marigold Fly Spray is a coat moisturising product that was developed to attract and bind moisture captured from the air to your horse's skin and coat whilst repelling biting flies and bugs. Safe to use on the face, ears and near the eyes. Especially good for horses with sensitive skin and young horses. The new Marigold scent has been developed on the basis that Marigolds have kept gardens free of bugs for years, so on that concept it has been formulated into a fly spray. 

Please note: Due to a change in US licensing laws, the EQyss Marigold Fly Spray no longer states 'fly control' on the product. It is currently waiting for the label to be approved and licenced. Once approved, the label will again state ‘Fly, gnat and mosquito control' on the bottle. The product itself has not changed, apart from a great new scent.

Size Guide 

Available in a 946ML bottle, or 3.8 Litres.

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