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Equine Products UK Comfort Gut

Highest quality Activated Charcoal available

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Equine Products UK Comfort Gut is the highest quality Activated Charcoal available, specifically produced from coconut shell to human food and medicinal grade standards, and specially manufactured to be suitable for long term feeding. It absorbs (binds to) toxins and acidic molecules throughout your horse’s digestive tract, and eliminates them through your horse’s manure. Comfort Gut is FEI, Competition and Race Legal and will not swab.

Feeding Guidelines

Horses - 2 x 15ml scoops to be given twice daily with feed stuff.

Ponies - 1 ½ x 15ml scoops to be given twice daily with feed stuff.

Foals - 1 x 15ml scoop to be given once daily with feed stuff.

Whats's in it

Comfort Gut is mildly alkaline, ultra small pored and very low ash and vegetable carbon.

Size Guide

Available in a 500 Gram tub, or 1 Kilogram tub.