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Equine Products Sand Shifter

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Equine Products UK Sand Shifter contains psyllium husk powder, a revolutionary bulk-forming natural fibre derived from psyllium seeds. Once in the horse's digestive tract, psyllium forms a fibrous gel which adheres to the sand particles, preventing them from staying in the gut and causing potential blockages. Its bulk-forming capacity encourages movement by peristalsis, aiding the removal of blockages from the horse's digestive tract. Aniseed flavouring has been added for palatability.

Feeding Guidelines

For a 500kg horse feed 150g of powder for 4-5 days.
Once the sand particles have been eased through the gut the horse may require feeding for a further 2-3 weeks to rid the colon of sand.

For horses grazing sandy loams or short cropped grass, feed 50g twice daily for seven consecutive days, once every 3-4 weeks or as directed by your veterinary surgeon.

What's in it

Pysllium husk Powder, Aniseed flavouring.

Size Guide

Available in a 700 gram tub or 4 kilogram tub.