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Effol Horse Fly Blocker +

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Developed in collaboration with the Swiss Tropical Institute, this Effol fly repellent spray is ready to use and protects against all kinds of flying and biting insects throughout the summer season.


equus bullet Extra strong and effective fly spray.

equus bullet Contains icaridine which is reported to be as effective as DEET but without the associated irritation.

equus bullet Dermatologically tested.

equus bullet Protects against bites from horse flies, ticks and midges.

equus bullet Prevents summer eczema.

We Say

Used and recommended by horse owners and riders all over the world, this fly spray is incredibly effective against the worst kind of flies. For additional protection, take a look at our Fly Help Centre.

Suggested uses

Everyday riding, out and about, hacking and turnout over the summer months.


Contains a composition of Icaridine-based active ingredients.

Care Instructions

Always read the label prior to use and keep out of direct sunlight.

Size Guide

Available in a 500ml spray bottle.