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Effol Horse and Rider Horse Fly Blocker +

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Extremely effective, suitable for both humans and animals

Long lasting, reliable protection is provided by this amazing scent free spray from Effol. Developed alongside the Swiss Tropical Institute, it is ready to use and easy to apply with this quiet spray bottle, this formulation comes highly recommended.


equus bullet Can be used for horses, riders and other animals

equus bullet Odourless icaridine based combination; as effective as DEET but without the associated irritation

equus bullet Efficacy is recognised at the highest international level

equus bullet Protects against horse flies, ticks, midges and all kinds of flying and biting insect

equus bullet Tested in over 50 different countries and proven reliable.

We Say

What a fantastic idea, an horse fly repellent that is suitable for use on the rider as well as the horse, and it's odourless meaning you won't end up smelling (too much) like your horse!

Suggested uses

Everyday riding, competitions, showing, out and about, hacking and turn out during the summer season.


Contains Icaridine-based active ingredients.

Size Guide

Available in a 200ml spray bottle.